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Plan Your Visit

Your are invited to join us!

We cannot wait to meet you and your family.

Come as you are and see for yourself.

What to Wear

Feel free to dress however you like. We have people that prefer casual, and other that like to dress up.

The Service

As service begins, we will have a time of worship, around 20 minutes. Followed by pastor giving a bible-based message that lasts around 45 minutes. Overall service will last 60-75 minutes.


There is plenty of parking spaces, so finding one will not be hard.


If you have kids, then can have fun and learn at children's church during the preaching.

Loving People

People here are friendly; start a conversation, you might meet a lifelong friend.


You will be impacted with God's Word. You are accepted as you are, but will not stay the same.


Thanks for registering to our service. Can't wait to see you soon!


2910 Orient Rd.

Tampa, FL 33619

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